• Games & MVG's

    More than 80% of what you see in the top grossing lists of app stores are games. Our team publishes at least 1 to 4 MVG's -Minimum Viable Games- a month to the main mobile platforms (iOS & Droid)


    We are looking to work with entrepreneurs, brands and publish our own ideas/IP's to the market all the time. 


    It doesn't matter if its 2D or 3D, a Unity, Cocos2Dx or "native" game, we have already done it.

    App Development

    The world is changing and with it the way businesses operate.


    Companies that ignore the revolution of mobile apps are ignoring a big and growing segment of the market.


    We have developed for different clients product-based solutions for mobile, web and cloud platforms.


    Some of them are even startups that have received funding in kickstarter or private rounds of capital.


    Startups / Products

    There has never been a better moment in history to be an entrepreneur with a tech product that could scale and reach thousands or millions of persons.


    That's why we have created some products & startups of our own with which we are trying to find product-market-fit, traction and scale while monetizing it.


    In a single year we did 25 families of 5 characters each and a game to support it and validate what the market wants. 

    We discovered with downloads, retention and revenue which of all was the one that the market we could reach wanted. 


    We registered it to share it with you and license it to improve the sales of your merchandising and transmedia projects with us. 


    Discover how the characters from Pet City Mania and our licenses can help your sales and put a smile in your consumers or fan's faces!


    Since we have to cover all the needs, practices and technologies to build a game we decided to provide art services to different colleagues and clients that have this need usually for mobile and other consoles. 


    We have done concept art, we have 2D & 3D capabilities, have done weapons, props, environments, characters and vehicles.

    TKO Game Studios

    Is born because we love to put a smile on the face of people with characters and games for mobile devices and latin markets.


    This line and brand of games was specifically design with content that appeals to spanish speaking people in latin america. 


    This games are distributed mainly via mexican telephone carriers and content aggregators.


    Visit and subscribe to one of our clubs if you want more!

  • Games & MVG's

    The core of our studio

  • Marco Fabian's Juggle Cup

    We have the pleasure of working with one of the best athletes in México. Marco Fabian and its incredible team with whom we made a video game that could entertain his fans and all those sport buffs of the world that like challenges related to soccer. 


    Made for iOS and Android, this game easy to play but hard to master will rip a smile from your face for sure. 


    Will you break Marco Fabian's record? ;)

    Bii Guided

    Can you imagine being able to move your character in a game with an object and the frontal camera of your phone?


    Guide Bii with the package of a product or object of your favourite color through labyrinths and obstacles to take its candy to Rorr, collect as many starts as you can and escape!

    Show off how you manage to go through levels better than anyone else!.

    Minimum Viable Games (MVG's)

    We have produced a little more than 150 Minimum Viable Games to learn about game development, its life cycle, production, worth, profit and more.

    With unique art and trying to emulate different trending topics that we find successful on the app stores; using a technologic framework that allows us to quickly prototype with enough items to prove that it may be fun.

    We achieved putting a game in a time/cost record not only in your hands but also in the market!.

    TV Azteca Games Club

    We have the pleasure of working with TV Azteca ( A very important Mexican Television Company ) and its digital area.


    We collaborated licensing part of our games portfolio periodically for their content clubs and exposition sales for mobiles.


    Soul Gate

    An old evil stalks the world of the living. Every 2 years, the SoulGate castle gets back to life and with it a whole new wave of demons and dark creatures that threaten the peace on earth. As it is a tradition, adventurers and warriors all over the world travel to the land where the coursed castle is, seeking for glory, wealth and powerful magic artefacts. Only a few will survive to tell their story in SoulGate.

    Become a hero and conquer with bravery and power the earth that is in danger because of darkness.

    Available for Android y soon for iOS.

    Trigger Runners

    A rare evil invades the lands.
    Embody a warrior man and try to find out what is causing the havoc in the world and stop it anyway.


    Soon, this exciting video game will be available so you will be able to face and fight strange technological enemies and exciting bosses. You will also be able to compete for the best ranking.

  • Portfolio of Games and MVG's

  • A good product is only one piece of a puzzle of the business.

    An idea is only the beginning. More than one page is needed to tell a good story.

    Full cycle support

    We work with our creative and development teams in order to not only transform your idea into a product but also acquisition strategies, users retention and profit through various channels.


    In the digital world is also needed a strategy. 

    A web page and a fan page are not enough.

    Mobile Applications

    Mobile applications have become an essential client interface to the enterprise.


    Not only this, enterprise mobile apps also give your employees, the ability to handle critical tasks and take decisions in real time and in safe way.


    Optimizing your enterprise strategy through mobile applications will give you the opportunity to take advantage of the mobile trends in the current business world


    Responsive web pages to give support to your ideas, physical or technological products or mobile applications.


    Help your digital or physical products to reach further with electronic commerce sites or mobile applications for that.

    Interaction generates transaction.

    Social Media

    The creation of content to be able to improve the dialogue with the clients, presence on internet and attention to them is more and more important every day. 

    How do you communicate with your clients today?

    Promotion and positioning tools

    1. Google search

    2. Google display

    3. Adwords

    4. Youtube

    5. Facebook ads

    6. Content marketing

    In a full of everything world, how will you compete to get your potential clients attention and opportunity to see what you offer?.

    Branding Mobile and

    Users Acquisition 

    Campaigns to position your brand or product in the new publicity channels, as well as metrics and tools for users acquisition of different segments and countries.


  • Startups & Products

    We are passionate about scalable tech products of our own and of our clients.

  • Don Taxi

    The "Services On Demand" on Mobiles is a new trend that we know will change the business dynamics.

    We started doing Don Taxi, a mobile application to ease the connection between a person demanding a taxi and the taxi.

    Our system includes passenger's reviews, an option to share their trip, GPS directions, real time communication, charges from the app or different types and several necessary things to create an excellent experience of transportation in Guadalajara.  

    GG Zone

    The first monthly magazine dedicated to E-Sports completely in Spanish for mobile devices.


    You can get it now for iPhone, iPad and Android!
    Take your magazine anywhere you are, download it in your favourite mobile device!

    Ncite Factory

    Leadership Games

    We had the opportunity of collaborating with the direction of art and production of "Ignite", a game in Ncite.mx


    They create video games of leadership that link the "understanding" with real behaviour and durable changes.


    Make video games to change the behaviour or generate learning is one of our goals. Our alliance and participation with them to promote it, make us very proud.

    Posh Magazine

    Posh magazine is a bimonthly publication printed with ideas, explorations of tendencies, creativity, design and inspiration.

    Our goal is to inspire and show how the creative ideas generate influences.

    That's why we publish all the editions and we enter in the world of subscriptions with our platform for magazines and period publications.

    You can acquire it for your iPhone or your iPad.


    It's a web application and a totally free platform, fast and secure for only $10 Dollars you can print almost over 80 Facebooks pictures in a "Yuppic".

    A little photo album of the size of a comic, sent for free to your home at anywhere you are in Mexico.

    Yuppics is the perfect gift for your mate, or to share your happy moments with your relatives all over Mexico...


    We the adorned

    A par of american entrepreneurs dreamed of making a jewerly of author e-commerce platform and a model of subscriptions.

    We helped them to achieve it. They even could destine funds to part of their development on Kickstarter.


    We have the opportunity of collaborating with Gusanito.com to help them with a couple of applications that could give them presence on the content for smartphones market.


    For the licenses that look forward being present in the mind of their consumers, having an application is an effective way to achieve it, besides being able to grant a new strategy of possible incomes to their business models.

  • Art

    Concepts, Storyboards, Textures & 2D Art

  • Nearshore service with Competitive prices

    We love making quick or refined concepts. We know the importance of maintaining stable prices in order to be able to give what art's direction wants or even improve our proposals, crazy and distinctive ideas.

    Our team is very versatile with styles and techniques.
    What do you need today?

  • Why we do what we do?


  • We know we can transcend making art in the form of apps & videogames that people can love!

    How do we do it? - Our process

    Research and "BucKets"®

    Help us discovering opportunities on the market's demand and offer analysis of the competence in the app stores, we refine it and look for the best way to position it to be successful. 


    We look forward the technology that matches the specs of the idea and what is wanted and vice versa. 


    We start giving life to your video game or app making an structure of functions, visuals (wireframes) or visual proposals and its flow with UI/ & UX. (We always try to make it as big as possible.)


    Once that we are developing we share the WIPS (Work in progress) with our final client and share direct deliveries to their mobiles so they could keep tracking the daily or weekly progress.
    Achieving in this way a good pre-delivery feedback.

    QA - Ensure Quality

    We test our video games and apps with the client. It could be done by registering them together in a system that we have on Trello to give tracking estimates, deliveries and delivery times, in Bitbucket or after its launch in our Helpdesk, we always want to smash the "Bugs"! :)

    Launch - Publishing

    We provide all the necessary support to launch your game or application. From publishing and ASO (Appstore Optimisation) in our channels, crossed promotion or we can connect it with the acquisition services of clients and campaigns with KO Digital. 


    We track where you traffic and downloads are coming from to collect users data for having a better idea of what they like or want.

  • What do we do?

    In a nutshell...

    Video games

    MVPs y Proprietary Products

    App Development

    Licensing of our Intelectual Property 

    Art Outsourcing

  • Some of our stats

    about our work and iterations...


    Games in app stores (and counting).


    Proprietary products launched to market.


    Active users every month in our games web.


    Product and app developing clients.


    Downloads of our games and apps and counting


    Warriors at your service besides the strategic alliances 

  • + about us...

    Our philosophy & quest to have a videogame industry in Mexico and LATAM

    Smartphones and tablets first

    We love video games and mobile apps. That's why, besides the macro trend of mobiles penetration in different markets, our content will be launched first for mobile devices.

    We don't discard launching for web, pc's and mac in a near future.

    How much and how fast?


    1. We can make a video game or product for learning
    2. We can earn $
    3. We can use and standardise what's already done
    4. We can iterate the complete cycle
    5. We can improve the quality of what's already done

    ¡In that order we make the questions every day at the studio!

    Passion for the Developers Community


    • The studio was born thanks to the community and we want to help back. - We believe and we want to be the Studio that helps the most back to the community! 

    • We will always look for the means to help the ones that just arrived or the ones with experience.

    • An entity has been formed that grows by itself and has acquired momentum.

    • Helping each other, taking the lead, meeting and collaborating is the only way to be able to compete with the big industries of other countries.

  • Great Warriors

    Developing video games as a studio since 2012!

  • What gave birth to a community and a studio

    Creating assets via creative people since 2004


    • KaraOkulta was born in 2004 from the previous image of the desktop that was found in the notebook of writings and stories of Jorge Suárez Basáñez, one of the co-founders, along with Jeziel (RIP), Héctor Padilla y Everardo Orozco; of the community and movement. 

    • The name was decided because it expressed emotively the common situation of wanting to live of what you do when nobody is watching. What you feel passion about. The creative.

    • That's where the banner of the movement trying to look for "Actives for creatives" is taken, seeing as an active the art of their applications to generate income.

    • It is reinforced by the "K" and the "O" by being statistically the most remembered letters of the alphabet by the human mind (and the story of the design of the name of "Kodak")

    • In the San Diego's Comic-con begins the development and sale of comics as well as the sale of art services

    • The community begins to grow and everything starts flowing naturally towards the industry of video games

    • In the 2008 the community joints completely by electronic means until it arrived to a Facebook group that is mainly the meeting point of the community.

    • In 2012, Sofía Pérez Gasque y Jorge Suárez Basáñez decides to formalice the company as a Sociedad Anónima de Promoción de Inversión (SAPI de CV) 

    • The studio begins with the first members of the community.

    • And the rest is history....
  • You + KaraOkulta = :)

    Chat with us in our social media or points of contact.

    Join our community of latin american game developers today!



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    +52 33 41703545


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